Housewife Rebecca Abused by Cheating Husband

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Rebecca is busy doing the dishes when her husband arrives home, having spent the day out cheating with his secretary, he forces himself on his own wife, abusing her before sexually assaulting her with his raw cock which has been inside his bit on the side, he grabs Becs long blonde hair and makes her suck his dirty cock that still has the taste of his girlfriends shitty ass on after giving her some anal bareback, he skull fucks Becca forcing his dick deep down her throat, she trys to make it up to him, giving him the blowjob he wants while wanking his shaft still wearing her rubber gloves, but he soon becomes more aggressive, ripping her top down, exposing her huge boobs, slapping them around, he then bends her over the kitchen sink and takes down her tracksuit bottoms, spanking her bare butt cheeks, he rams his bare cock up her pussy hole, trying to drown her, pushing her head into the dirty dish water, continues to bareback her well used snatch, slapping her pussy, finishing her off Becca is made to ride him on the kitchen floor.

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